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We service many makes and models of water heaters, and also offer same day installation for water heaters that can’t be fixed. Currently we install Bradford White units. We can usually get a different brand the same day if you so choose.


Water Heaters can account for up to 20 percent of a residences utility bill. Discover tank less water heaters that are very efficient and will save you money each month on your utility bills.


Follow the steps below if your water heater is leaking:


1.Turn off the cold water inlet valve which should be located just above the heater

2.Turn off the electrical supply to the water heater if you have an electric heater

3.Turn off the gas supply to the water heater if you have a gas heater

4.Call Ahern Gross Plumbing at (920) 921-1414

Get the right water heater to fit your needs

Save money and energy with water softeners

Hard water can cause a lot of issues for your house, such as stubborn build up on shower walls and fixtures.


Soft water can prevent corrosion of pipes and appliances. With soft water, you need to use less laundry detergent, thus saving you money. In addition, water heaters using soft water use significantly less energy than those using hard water.


Let Ahern Gross Plumbing Inc. advise you on your water softener needs. For new customers we can test your water hardness and lead content and inform you if you need a softener. For existing customers, we can point you in the direction of a newer, more efficient unit.


Get the water quality and temperature that you deserve.


Get the best quality water heaters and softeners

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